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Deleting and Restoring Records in CIOC

This How-To document is for you if...

  • you want to understand the record deletion process in CIOC
  • you want to understand the difference between deleted records and records marked for future deletion
  • you want information on restoring records that have been marked deleted and recovering permanently deleted records

Deleting and Restoring Records in CIOC

By default, records that are "deleted" in CIOC are merely marked as deleted; they remain intact within the database unless they are permanently deleted, an action only available to Super Users from the Deleted Records page. Records may be marked for immediate deletion, using a date now or in the past (marked with an X in the alert column), or they can be scheduled as Pending deletion on a future date (marked with a P in the alert column).

It is strongly recommended that you preserve deleted records for a minimum of 6 months, or longer depending on how frequently you take other maintenance actions such as cleaning up old record-view statistics. Deleted records can continue to be useful for reference by staff, to give appropriate messages to the public about the removal of the record, to produce accurate statistical reports, and so on, for a long time after the record is marked as deleted.

It is important to note that records marked as deleted remain as placeholders for the record number they used, preventing it from being reused for a new record. This can prevent confusion for staff or the public that could occur if a record number was re-used too quickly, while people still expected to find the former organization.

Records cannot be permanently deleted if there are certain kinds of information associated. For example, Community Resource records cannot be permanently deleted if they are associated with Volunteer Centre Memberships or Volunteer Opportunities. Such records will have to be co-ordinated with the permanent deletion of all the related information.

Records that have been permanently deleted cannot be recovered except through a backup with the assistance of a Technical Administrator. Restoration of records is a pay-for-use service unless it is the direct result of a software error. You may also be able to "restore" old records yourself through a CIOC Sharing Format export, so it's a good idea to keep a full export of each record you delete; however, records restored through an import would no longer be tied to any related information such as record-view statistics.

Record Deletion Activities

Assuming adequate permissions, record deletion and restoration can be performed from:

  • The Record Details page of the record
  • Your Search Results, as a bulk-record operation
  • The Deleted Records page, accessible from the Main Menu

Delete a Record Equivalent (Multi-language Records)

Record language equivalents can be marked deleted or permanently deleted, without impacting other languages of the record. Please use caution when permanently deleting a record equivalent; you cannot restore it without assistance from the your technical administrators, and a fee is likely to be involved.

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