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Feedback / Suggestions vs. Update / Add Records

What is Feedback?

Feedback should be thought of as a "suggestion" rather than an update. 

Feedback can come from a variety of places, including...

  • from a member of the public or an agency through a non-logged in view
  • from someone who is logged-in but doesn't have permission to update the record directly

In all cases, feedback does not change or create a record. Before a record is actually altered, it must be added or updated by someone with the necessary permissions.

Once submitted, feedback sits in the "Review Feedback" page until it is processed (updated) by the data manager. The feedback information will also arrive as an email notification to the data manager, unless submitted by logged-in staff with the permission to block the e-mail from being sent.

What is an Update?

Adding or updating a record creates or changes a record directly. Record additions and updates can only be performed by logged-in users whose User Type allows them to add a new record, or modify the specific existing record they are trying to work with.

You can add a new record by:

  • Clicking the "Add Record" link from the Main Menu
  • Clicking the "Create Record" link from a new record suggestion located on the Review Feedback page

You can update an existing record by:

  • Clicking the "Update Record" from the Record Details page
  • Clicking the "Update" link from a record change suggestion located on the Review Feedback page
  • Clicking the "Update" link from your Search Results if your Display Options are set to show the Update link

Users who don't have permission to update a record can still see a feedback alert and look at record feedback. You can turn on the feedback alert in the User Type setup. Feedback alerts are denoted by the letter F in the alert column of your search results or by the Check Feedback alert in the Record Details. Clicking on "Check Feedback" will display the list of unprocessed feedback that has been submitted for the record.

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