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How do I Suggest a New Feature or Software Change?

CIOC Features Database

Requests for changes to CIOC Software can be submitted to features.cioc.ca. It may take up to one week for your feature request to be evaluated, estimated, and prioritized. Once added, you can enter your own priority on the feature to contribute to the community ranking. You can configure your account in the features database to notify when you new features are added or features you have ranked are updated.

Note that the feature database is only a representation of requests and not a guarantee that the work will be done. In most cases, user organizations need to individually or cooperatively cover the cost of new feature development.

Features vs. Bugs

If you believe you have a software bug - something not behaving as intended - you should submit a support case to have the issue tracked. Software bugs are generally given priority depending on their severity. By submitting a case, you will ensure that the issue can be tracked appropriately and resolved.
If the software is behaving "as intended or designed" - even if you think the behaviour is incorrect or should be changed, that is considered a new feature. If in doubt, you can submit a case and you will be informed if it belongs as a new feature request.

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