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Why Did I Get an Email Bounce Notification?

There are several reasons you might get a bounce notification for an email sent from CIOC:

1 The email address you are trying to send to does not go to a valid mailbox

This type of error might happen because there was a typo in the email address, or the person the email address used to belong to has left the organization. These usually have an error code 550 or 554 and say something like "mailbox unavailable", "this user doesn't have an account", "the email account that you tried to reach does not exist" or "user unknown".

2 The domain name (the part after the @) does not exist, doesn't accept email, or is otherwise temporarily or permanently unavailable

This happens because the organization ceases to exist or lets their domain name lapse or their mail server is not on-line for some reason.

3 You are using an email address from your own organization/domain name and you get many bounce backs

This happens because the domain name for your organization won't by default be configured to allow email from CIOC's servers. These bounce-backs usually contain an error message like " is not allowed to send mail from example.com". The resolution to this is either to change the SPF settings for your domain name, or use a cioc.ca email forwarder as the from address for your organization. Please contact support by email if you wish to have a cioc.ca Email Forwarder Address set up for your Agency (limit one per Agency). You will need to contact your internal technical support or ISP that hosts your email for assistance with making a change to the SPF record for your domain name.

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