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Removing / Deactivating Users

Why Can't I Delete a User?

User accounts are tied to past history in the database, including accesses and other activities. Deleting the User would make this information incomplete. Instead, CIOC provides a function for changing the User's status to "Inactive", which disables the account but preserves past links to statistics etc.

If you create an account by mistake and it has never been used, you may wish to give it a consistent placeholder name that would allow you to leave it inactive and complete the setup with a "real" user at a later time.

Can I Just Re-Use the Account?

You should not make it a practice to re-use an inactive account for another individual. Because information about the users' past activity is tied to that account, transferring it to a new individual will provide confusing and incorrect information about the new user's activity in the database. There is no benefit to re-using an inactive account over creating a new one.

Best Practices for Deactivating Users

You should review your list of active users on a regular basis to look for accounts that should be deactivated. Not only is this a security concern, active users that aren't needed can incur per-user charges needlessly.

When deactivating a user, it is strongly recommend that you should remove all User Types associated with the User. This will make it clearer to someone managing the User Type how it is being used, and make it possible to delete User Types not in active use.

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