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Activating and Updating the AIRS / INFO LINE Taxonomy

The AIRS/ INFO LINE Taxonomy of Human Services is a subscription-based classification system that is maintained by INFO LINE LA through the site 211Taxonomy.org.

Initial Activation and Subscriptions

To request activation of the Taxonomy in your database, please submit a support request; you must provide proof of your eligibility, which should be provided to you when you subscribe or renew your subscription. Taxonomy subscriptions in Canada are managed through Inform Canada; KCL/CIOC are not  responsible for managing subscriptions and cannot help you with the subscription process.

Making the Taxonomy Available in your Views

Once the Taxonomy has been activated in your database, you will need to activate it in the View(s) you want to use it in. Generally, this would only be in your data management view initially, so that you have time to properly index your records before making the classification system available to the public.

Keeping your Taxonomy Version up-to-date

CIOC manages Taxonomy updates by first posting updates to a central Taxonomy admin database. KCL posts Taxonomy updates to the central Taxonomy admin location 4 times per year. The version posted for updating goes through a testing process prior to being posted. You can see the latest version available and update to the new version by going to Setup > Taxonomy > Update Taxonomy Version. This ability is only available to Super Users (or "Global" Super Users in a multi-member database).

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