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Sharing a Saved Search

Saved Searches you have created can be shared with another user in your database. Searches are shared to one or more User Types, and not individual users, so keep in mind when sharing a search that all users of the selected type will have access. It is recommended that you only share searches if they have been requested, because over-sharing can cause the list of shared Saved Searches to become very cluttered.

To share a Search, go to your Saved Searches page and edit the Saved Search. You may check off boxes next to the User Type(s) you wish to share the search with. If you don't know the User Type(s) to select, you can find out from the Manage Users page (or ask your local Super User). Saved Searches shared to you by others are accessible in the bottom section of your Saved Searches screen.

Note that it is possible to use shared Saved Searches to allow users to perform searches that they wouldn't otherwise be allowed to perform (such as search against a field they can't display, or use "Add SQL" searches). However, the regular limits on what records a user can access and field contents they can display will still apply.

You cannot share a search with a User that has 0 allowed Saved Searches. Saved Search quotas are edited in the Manage Users area of the software and are set on a per-user basis. Shared Searches do not count against the user's search quota.

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