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Add a new Domain (URL) to your Database

Each CIOC database receives one cioc.ca domain name when it is first created. It is important to be aware that all new names associated with a CIOC database incur a one-time $60 administrative fee. This fee is non-negotiable.

Note that it is not beneficial to register a new domain name for an internal-only View, and this is not recommended. Domain names are useful for automatically directing people to different Views in your database, but this does not apply to logged in users who are always directed to the View associated with their account.

The Basic Process for Setting up a New Domain:

  1. Register the address or create the sub-domain.

    • A new cioc.ca name (a "sub-domain" of cioc.ca, such as mysite.cioc.ca) is created by making a request through the CIOC system administrators. There is currently no additional fee associated with obtaining a new cioc.ca name, but members should be aware that a small ongoing fee could apply to members with multiple "extra" cioc.ca names in the future (e.g. $5/yr). CIOC reserves the right to reject a cioc.ca domain name request for any reason.

    • A completely new address (www.mynewsite.com) will have to be created through a domain name registrar. New domain names require domain name system (DNS) hosting; your ISP may be able to provide this for you, or you can request that CIOC manage the DNS hosting. There is currently no additional fee associated with having CIOC host your DNS, but members should be aware that a small ongoing fee could apply to DNS hosting in the future (e.g. $5/yr). CIOC cannot manage your domain name if you want to use it for reasources other than your CIOC database. If you are managing your own DNS hosting, Contact the technical administrators for your CIOC database to obtain the necessary information you will need to provide to configure your DNS.

    • A sub-domain of your existing website name is often less expensive, as it does not require an entirely new registration process for a new domain name and can be accomplished through your existing ISP, often at no cost. For example, an existing site with the url: www.mywebsite.com may contain a sub-domain: search.mywebsite.com that would point to a designated CIOC database view. Contact the technical administrators for your CIOC database to obtain the necessary information you will need to provide to your ISP.

  2. Contact the technical administrators for your CIOC database to indicate the new name you wish to connect to your CIOC database, as well as the View # if you wish to connect it to a specific public View. You cannot specifically connect a new domain name to a logged-in View, since a User's View is determined by the permissions (User Type) and not the domain name. However, any address associated with your database can be used by logged-in Users.

  3. Once all the configuration of the domain name is complete (by you, your ISP if applicable, and the CIOC Technical Administrators), it can take up to 48 hours for everything to start working properly. Confirm that the name is going to the correct database, and the correct View if applicable.

  4. KCL will send a $60 invoice for the cost of this work. Please ensure you have supplied all necessary billing details along with your request.

You have the option of configuring a special stats page for your new URL(s) separated from other URLs in your database in the web stats tool. This allows you to provide a 3rd party client with their own login to see statistics about use of their URL, for example. Please inform the technical administrators if you wish to add this option; this will result in an additional one-time $60 fee.

Volunteer module URLs always have /volunteer/ as part of their address (e.g. mysite.cioc.ca/volunteer/). The base address of any domain name associated with a CIOC site will always go to the Community Resources module of the database if it exists.

Why is there a fee?

The fee compensates for the specific tasks involved in setting up the name vary depending on the type of name, but may include any of:

  • Communications with the member or their representative to work out the details and discuss any setup the member must do
  • Configuring a DNS entry in CIOC's DNS service
  • Configuring the server to respond to the domain name and direct it to the correct database
  • Mapping the domain name to a specific public View
  • Generating a Google maps key, adding the key to the main software repository, and updating the member's software with the new key

In most cases, fees will be reduced or waived for additional names or name variations (e.g. mysite.com and www.mysite.com) set up at the same time. Feel free to ask if there will be any fee reduction if you are setting up more than one new URL at the same time.

Due to some challenging interactions in the past, we ask that if you inform any technical staff that you want us to work with that there is a fee for this setup, please also inform them why there is a fee and that you understand and accept this fee.

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