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Understanding "Days since last Email"

The Days Since Last E-mail value is intended to assist data managers in moderating their E-mail requests to prevent the recipients from feeling spammed or harassed. This setting is configured in the General Setup Options. This value is shared between the Community Resources and Volunteer Opportunities modules of the software, so both must agree on an appropriate value.

Important things to know about Days Since Last E-mail:

  • This setting does not apply when sending a request to multiple records. Use the Date Search in the Advanced Search options to identify records that have a Last E-mail Update Date that is sufficiently far in the past.
  • This setting does not prevent E-mails from being sent. The user will see an message at the top of the page whenever the Last E-mail Update Date is sooner than the Days Since Last E-mail setting indicates is acceptable. The data manager then has the choice of whether to proceed with sending the message.

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