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MS Access Download Information for CIOC-hosted Databases

All CIOC-hosted databases have a scheduled backup of their data to Microsoft Access databases which are made available to members in a password-protected zip archive. The password for this zip file will be emailed to the designated technical contact for each member (you can submit a request if required). The technical contact is responsible for distributing this password to any other individuals who are permitted to have access to the file.

Private data is excluded from all download files. This private data includes CIOC account passwords of any kind and Volunteer's personal profile information. No password data (not even encrypted) is included in the file.

Links to the appropriate download files are automatically added to the Download page with the software; this page, and the download file, are accessible only by Super Users within the database. Once downloaded, the additional per-database password is required to open the zip file.

The types of downloads available and their schedule are as follows:

Module / Application
Type of Data
Download file created...
Community Resources Record and Setup data Daily, 3AM excl. Sunday, Monday
Volunteer Opportunities Record and Setup data, including Referrals Daily, 3AM excl. Sunday, Monday
Community Resources Record-view Statistics Weekly, 3AM Sunday
Volunteer Opportunities Record-view Statistics Weekly, 3AM Sunday
Client-Tracker Requests and Surveys, per Agency Daily, 1AM


Although CIOC performs its own backups of member data, members are encouraged to develop a routine for saving a backup of their information periodically (e.g. once per quarter). Having backups is not only the appropriate risk management procedure, it can be useful for analyzing data or (in limited circumstances) sharing data, and when you need to reference the state of a record at some point in the past. However, you should avoid high-frequency downloads since it uses significant bandwidth and has no major benefit.

To save a copy of your download, right-click the download link and select "Save Target As" (or the equivalent of your web browser). You may want to add the date to the end of the file, especially if you keep multiple copies of your download. You will require an application to unzip your files. If you do not have such an application, several free utilities existing including http://www.7-zip.org/. You will be prompted for your password when you unzip the file.

It is important to periodically check the integrity of your downloads and report any problems.

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