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Adding Links to Built-in CIOC Menus

Adding links to built-in CIOC Menus does not require HTML knowledge. This features may not work for custom-designed Templates Layouts if they don't support menu features.

  1. Go To Setup > Design Templates

  2. Select the appropriate Template

  3. Decide whether the link is going into the CIC or Volunteer Search Menu (showing on the main page only), Header Menu, or Footer Menu.

  4. Enter the appropriate link text on the left, and the text to display on the right. You must add links in each language your require for the Views that use this Template.

  5. You can re-order menu items by dragging them.

Common Links

  • Enter a link to an email address using mailto:theaddress@thedomain.com. CIOC has a built-in Email icon that can be added by entering <img src="/images/email.gif"> in front of the text.

  • Use these instructions to choose an appropriate link for suggesting a new record or displaying your inclusion policy.

  • You can link to searches in your menu. With the exception of Add SQL and custom field searches, most searches parameters are available for the public. To create your search link, perform the search and then copy the URL into a text editor. You can use this as is, or shorten it by removing the https:// and domain name and optionally any empty parameters (&[parameter]= with nothing after) For example the search URL


    can be shortened to the following for a menu link:


    If you edit the link, make sure you test that your link still returns the expected results.

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