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Print dot leaders for a Name or Subject Index

This article addresses how to configure your browser printing if you are having trouble displaying dot-leaders when generating indexes through the Print Tool and printing them via your web browser

When printing a Subject Index or a Name Index, you have the option to format the output for either:

  1. printing online, or
  2. use in Microsoft Word

If you choose to print these reports from your browser rather than importing into MS Word, and you have elected to "include dot leaders" in your report (optional selection with a name index but always created in subject index) you will need to make some setting changes in your browser in order to print these "dot leaders" directly from your browser.

These dot leaders are created as small background images so the browser must be told to "print background images" in order for these dot leaders to appear in the print report.

Internet Explorer

  1. Go to "Tools" > "Internet Options" and click the "Advanced Tab"
  2. Scroll through the available checkbox items until you reach a "Printing" heading
  3. Check the box: "Print background colours and images"
  4. Print the report

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to "File" > "Page Setup" > "Format & Options" tab
  2. Check the box under "Options" that specifies to "Print Background"
  3. Print the report

With both browsers, once you have printed your online index, return to the options screens described above and uncheck the options to "print background images" otherwise every time you print material from a web page you will also print any background textures or images contained on the page.

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