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Work with Publication fields (incl. Headings)

Types of Publication fields

Publications fields, including Publication Descriptions and General Headings, are special fields that are associated not just with a record, but also with a specific publication code within that record. Any Publication can have these fields or not, at the discretion of the data managers. When you remove a Publication code from a record, all the extra field data associated with it will also be removed.

Summary of Publication Fields

Field Description
PUBCODE_DESC Publication Description (display, feedback)
PUBCODE_HEADINGS Public General Headings assigned to this record (display, feedback)
PUBCODE_HEADINGS_NP All General Headings assigned to this record (display, feedback, update)
PUBCODE_HEADINGGROUPS Heading Groups associated with the public General Headings assigned to this record (display)
PUBCODE_HEADINGGROUPS_NP Heading Groups associated with any of the General Headings assigned to this record (display)

Publication Descriptions are useful for keeping specialized information not covered by standard fields that are relevant to the records in the dataset represented by the Publication. No special setup is necessary to allow these descriptions to be created.

General Headings are used like sub-categories for the Publication; they further classify records in the dataset that belongs to Publication. General Headings are also used to create a Subject Index when creating printed materials through the Print Records tool. General Headings must be set up in advance through the Publication setup area, accessed from the main menu of the software. General Headings setup allows you to specify not just the headings you will attach to records (called "used" headings) but also synonyms for those headings (called "unused" headings) and identify related headings. These extra setup items only come into play when generating a Subject Index.

Updating Publication Fields

Before adding Publication fields to a record, the Publication Code must be added. This can be done through the "Update Publications" link from the Record Details page, or through bulk-record operations from the Search Results page.

From Update Publications

Once the Publication Code is in place, Publication fields can be added by going through the "Update Publications" link from the Record Details page and selecting the "Update" button for the Publication. Headings can also be added or removed in bulk by turning on the "Select Checkbox" option of your Display Options, selecting the records to add/remove from, and choosing "Add/Remove Heading".

Publication Codes cannot be added from Limited Publication Views. In a Limited Publication View, Publication fields can be edited through the "Update Description/Headings" link, assuming the necessary permissions are available in the user's User Type settings.

From the Regular Update Form

The field PUBCODE_HEADINGS_NP can be added to the regular Update Form through your View Setup. It will only appear on the Form if the current record belongs to the given Publication.

Displaying and searching the fields

To display these fields in the Record Details page of your View, or make them available for public feedback, you must configure the fields to be available for selection from the full list of fields. You do this in the setup for the publication by selecting the option: Allow on Display and Forms. Once you select this option, the fields will be available through the regular field selection process in the View setup for both Record Details, Feedback and Mail / Fax forms. You will also be able to change the names of these fields by going to the Field Display setup area, linked from the main setup page. Publication fields that have been added to the Record Details of a View will also be available as a custom field search option from the Advanced Search form.

Once added to the record display, General Headings can also be searched via the Record Details page by clicking on a linked heading. In addition, Views based on a specific Publication that have also been classified as Limited Publication Views also use the list of General Headings as their Quick List and on the Advanced Search page.

It is important to be selective about the publication fields that you add to your forms and Record Details pages; you do not want to clutter your site or confuse the public. Advanced users can also search in Publication fields using the Add SQL feature of the software even if the field has not been added to the View; see the software's built-in SQL Help for more information.

Importing and Exporting Publication Fields

You must first add the Publication to the Export Profile and then further specify that you want to export the Description and/or Headings. The person importing the data must also have the same Publication Code, and General Headings if applicable, in order to import this information.

If exporting via an Excel Output Profile, publication fields are treated like any other field and all Publication Fields are available to add to the profile.

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