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Turning on Volunteer Profiles Feature

Because Volunteer Profiles are not intended to be activated/deactivated on demand, they can only be activated by a technical administrator. Please have an official contact from your organization submit a request to activate this feature. To "try out" Volunteer Profiles without committing to use the feature, please use a Test Site instead.

Once Volunteer Profiles have been activated in your database by a technical administrator, you will have some setup work to do before the feature can be used by the public:

1. General Setup changes (from Setup > General Setup Options)

  1. Default Email (Volunteer Profile) - This is very important! You must set up an email address to be used for outgoing messages from the software that are sent to people who sign up for a volunteer profile. There can only be one per database, so you must decide with your partners what would be appropriate.

  2. Volunteer Centre Organization Name(s) - this should list the name of the group of Volunteer Centres (if you use a name for your partnership), or each individual Volunteer Centre that will be using Volunteer Profiles in your database

  3. Volunteer Profile Privacy Policy - provide some information to your users about how you will use any information they provide. If you can get a sample from one of our existing members, I'd recommend that!

2. View Setup changes (from Setup > Volunteer > Views)

You will find a new setting in your View setup forms called Volunteer Profiles. You must turn this on in the public View(s) you want to use this feature.

Note that you cannot be logged in to your regular CIOC login and logged into Volunteer Profiles at the same time. Volunteer Profiles are a feature for the public only, and aren't intended to be activated in staff Views.

3. User Type Setup changes (from Setup > Volunteer > User Types)

Optionally, you can give non-Super Users access to Volunteer Profile searches and reports. Super Users automatically get access to these tools right away.

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