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HTML and CSS Resources

HTML Resources

HTML may be used in records or to customize your site creating new layouts, menu text, page messages, etc. To learn about HTML...


Cascading Style Sheet Resources

Custom CSS can be added to your Design Template to change the look and formatting of your CIOC Site. CSS can be added directly in the software in the Design Template Layout, or you can link to an external CSS file in your Design Template setup. If you use a CSS file, you must find appropriate hosting. The file should be available from an SSL-enabled location (https://) to ensure that browsers don't block or alert to a security problem with the file when viewed from an SSL-enabled domain on your CIOC site.

To learn about CSS...


CIOC Sample Stylesheets

CIOC software ships with sample general and print profile style sheets that can be used as-is or copied to create your own stylesheets. You can obtain these stylesheets via these links to the test site; substitute your own address for test.cioc.ca to directly use the sample stylesheets included with your database.

Sample Basic Stylesheet:

Sample Print Profiles:

Please see Test Profiles A, B, and C on the CIOC Test site for examples that use these stylesheets.

To save the stylesheet so that you can modify it, go to the links above and choose File > Save Page As from your browser menu. You can then modify the file and post it to your own website for use in your CIOC database.

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