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Managing Fields on Forms and Display

The list of fields that are available for display and forms is editable by a Super User via the View setup. Field access is determined entirely by the View setup, and fields with names like *_STAFF are intended to indicate how they should commonly be used, rather than there being a restriction which shows that field only to logged-in users. Please ensure that you understand who has access to a given View before you add or remove fields, and use particular caution when adding fields that are intended for internal use like INTERNAL_MEMO.

Manage the List of Fields

To manage the list of fields available on Record Details page, Mail Form, Feedback / "Suggest" Form, or Update Form go to Setup > CIC or Volunteer > Views. Choose the View you wish to edit, and scroll to the bottom of the form. Each of the links below opens in a pop-up window for editing.

For detailed information about managing fields, use the Page Help on the View setup page.

Field Groups

Field Groups cluster several fields together under a common Header (Community Information module only). The list of Field Groups is shared between all record display pages and forms, but you do not need to use all the Groups on each page, so it is possible to configure each of the forms in a different organization. Field Group setup is required as a first step in the Community Information module.


In the Community Information module: To add a field to the display, assign it to a Field Group. To remove it, set the Field Group to blank. Submit the form when your changes are complete.

In the Volunteer Opportunities module:To add a field to the display, check the box next to the field. To remove it, uncheck the box. Submit the form when your changes are complete.

Blank Fields

Only fields with content will display on Record Details pages, whereas selected fields always display on forms whether there is content or not. If you are concerned that a field is not showing up on a Record Details page, ensure that there is actually content in that field.

A Special Note about Related Record Fields

If you are using the Related Record Sidebar in the Community Information module (activated via the View setup), then related records fields such as ORG_LOCATIONS, ORG_SERVICES, LOCATION_SERVICES, SERVICE_LOCATIONS, etc. will not show up on your Record Details page. You can still add them to the Record Details setup in your View if you want the options of displaying them in your search results.

Changing the Field Order or Display Names (Labels)

To change the order of the fields or the display names, go to Setup > CIC or Volunteer > Field Display. Note that the field order and display names are a global setting that applies throughout the database. It is not possible to customize these settings on a per-View basis. Because field order applies within a Field Group, it is possible to use Field Groups to strongly influence the order in which fields appear on a given display page or form.

For detailed information about managing field display names and ordering, use the Page Help on the Field Display setup page.

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