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Creating a Mobile-friendly Site

If you are not using a responsive template that adjusts for mobile browsers, you are missing a large part of your user base and will now be penalized in Google rankings. On average, 1/3 of public traffic to CIOC sites come from mobile devices. You should not consider it sufficient to have a mobile app for your site (e.g. built on the CIOC API) in light of Google stance on rankings, and because the higher barrier/commitment of downloading an app means that the majority of users will never do so, particularly on sites such as CIOC Community Information databases that have many transient interactions rather than ongoing relationships with their users.

CIOC Supports a Responsive Design model on most common publicly-accessible pages in the software, with the following exceptions:

  • The use of a custom Template Layout that was not designed to be responsive
  • The Feedback / Suggest New Record pages
  • The Volunteer Profile area (coming soon)
  • The "Yes, I'd Like to Volunteer" page (coming soon)

Besides not using a responsive template (e.g. not one of the deprecated template layouts), things like small text, logos wider than 300px, and fixed-width content areas can also cause significant problems for mobile devices.

Some resources to help you determine if your site is mobile-friendly:

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