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CIOC Record View Statistics

About Record View Statistics

CIOC Record View statistics track and report on information about which records in your database have been accessed. Record view statistics reporting tools are available from the statistics link in the main menu for those that have permissions to access this information. Record view statistics are also available in an access database to super users From the downloads link in the main menu.

What Information is available in Record View Statistics?

Record View Statistics include:

  • Record number
  • Language of record
  • Date and time of access
  • View used
  • IP address of the user
  • User ID (for logged in users)
  • Flag to indicate if the record access was via an API

Record view statistics are not recorded when:

  • Switching Views during a single interaction with the same record
  • Accessing a record through search results without viewing the Record Details
  • Accessing the search form or any administrative areas of the database, including the record update and feedback forms

How can you use Record View Statistics?

Record View statistics are useful for:

  • Understanding which agencies, programs and services are being used most
  • Understanding which languages of record are being accessed
  • Distinguishing between staff and public usage of the database
  • Reporting on the use of API accounts
  • Traceability of which staff are accessing which records in the database
  • Understanding how different views in the database are being used

Record view statistics are not useful for:

  • Easily distinguishing between real human traffic vs. search engines, bots and crawlers (this may be possible when supplemented with databases that include information about IP Addresses)
  • Understanding the complete picture of access to all pages of your CIOC website

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