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Notification if Volunteer posting Agency record Changes

Email Notifications About Significant Record Changes

The owners of Volunteer Opportunity records are alerted whenever there is a change to the non-public or deleted status of a Community Information record associated with current, non-deleted Volunteer Opportunities. An email is sent to the Record Owner email - the same email used for an Email Update Request, as configured in the Agency setup area. This email is sent out overnight, with a summary of all affected records. One email is sent out per Volunteer Record Owner Agency. Note that this email covers a change in status, which means that you will also be notified if a non-public record becomes public, or a deleted record is restored.

Notification of Agency Record Status on the Entry Form

When updating an existing volunteer opportunity, an alert-coloured message will appear above the Community Information record number if the record is currently non-public or deleted. Note that if you are adding a new record number, you will not see the alert until the next time you load the form. However, deleted records are not displayed in the record number finder pop-up window, and an alert indicating that the record is non-public should already be available to most users within the pop-up as well.

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