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Using "Community Sets" to make a Special Volunteer Portal

It is possible to create a view that contains a subset of all of your Volunteer Opportunity records. This was originally used to target by region instead of for a specific topic/purpose, so the terminology is all based around Communities even though it is not necessary to use it in that way.

The way to make a special portal with a limited set of records is by using "Community Sets". This requires 3 parts of configuration:

  1. Community Set Configuration
  2. View Configuration
  3. Opportunity Data

1. Community sets are configured in the setup area, in Volunteer -> Classification Systems -> Communities. First create the Set itself (follow the Volunteer Community Sets link), then configure Community Groups (affects the contents of step 1 in the Step-by-Step search).

2. In the View configuration for your new targeted portal, select the Community Set that you created in the "Community Set" section

3. On the update opportunity page (Entry Form), you will see a check boxes for all the Community Sets in your database. Check the ones that apply to include the Opportunity in that set. You can use the Community Set Management tool from the Setup area to add or remove Opportunities in bulk.

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