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Using Google Analytics Dimensions, Dashboards and Segments in CIOC

Are you looking to replicate some of the dashboards and segments from CIOC Data and Reporting training sessions? The links below will allow you to import various Segments, Dashboards, and configurations into your Google Analytics Properties.

Custom Dimensions

CIOC currently supports 4 Custom Dimensions for Google Analytics, which must be configured both within CIOC and withing Google Analytics. For help, read more about How to set up Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics.

Recommended Google Analytics Configuration

It is not important that the Index numbers correspond exactly to the Table below, but the Index for each must be properly matched in the Google Analytics section of CIOC Software Setup.

Dimension Name Index Scope
Agency 1 Hit
Page Language 2 Hit
Domain & View 3 Hit
Results Count 4 Hit


Segments allow you to segregate traffic based on certain characteristics. Segments can be applied to various reports and dashboards to refine the results. To use these segments, you must first create the corresponding custom variables (see above). You can import individual segments using the links below, or search the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery for "CIOC" to find the basic solution template which includes all the Segments below.


Several Dashboards are available in the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery - just search for "CIOC"!

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