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CIOC Design Templates and Views

Adding a New Record Suggestion or Inclusion Policy Link

Formatting the "Suggest New Record" Link CIOC does not by default provide a link for the public (or staff who cannot add new records themselves) to suggest a new record for the database. If you want to provid...

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Adding Links to Built-in CIOC Menus

Adding links to built-in CIOC Menus does not require HTML knowledge. This features may not work for custom-designed Templates Layouts if they don't support menu features. Go To Setup > Design Temp...

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Managing Fields on Forms and Display

The list of fields that are available for display and forms is editable by a Super User via the View setup. Field access is determined entirely by the View setup, and fields with names like *_STAFF are intended...

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Creating a Mobile-friendly Site

If you are not using a responsive template that adjusts for mobile browsers, you are missing a large part of your user base and will now be penalized in Google rankings. On average, 1/3 of public traffic to CIO...

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Change the Default Search Tab or Link to a Tab

Change the Default Search Tab In built-in CIOC Templates that include a tabbed search, you can adjust the tab you want to be selected by default in your View Setup, at the bottom of the section Basic Searc...

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Using the "Preview Template" Feature

Do you want to quickly test out a new look or colour change for your CIOC site, but you don't want to create a whole new View to do it? Do you want to try it on a public View without having to log in and out? P...

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