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CIOC Emails

When are Emails sent in CIOC?

E-mails are generated in CIOC only under the following circumstances: E-mail generated through the feedback / "Suggest" process E-mail generated by an E-mail update request E-mail generated by "Yes,...

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Why Did I Get an Email Bounce Notification?

There are several reasons you might get a bounce notification for an email sent from CIOC: 1 The email address you are trying to send to does not go to a valid mailbox This type of error might happen bec...

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Understanding "Days since last Email"

The Days Since Last E-mail value is intended to assist data managers in moderating their E-mail requests to prevent the recipients from feeling spammed or harassed. This setting is configured in the General Set...

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CIOC Support Notifications

If you wish to receive notifications of Training, Events, Software Updates, and/or Critical Alerts from KCL about CIOC Software, please sign up for the CIOC Support Notifications list at http://eepurl.com/bKmxs...

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Notification if Volunteer posting Agency record Changes

Email Notifications About Significant Record Changes The owners of Volunteer Opportunity records are alerted whenever there is a change to the non-public or deleted status of a Community Information record...

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