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CIOC Statistics and Reporting

Using Google Analytics in Your CIOC Site

About Google Analytics Google Analytics is available as a free 3rd party service to track and report on visits to your site. For more information, visit https://analytics.google.com How is Google Analytic...

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CIOC Record View Statistics

About Record View Statistics CIOC Record View statistics track and report on information about which records in your database have been accessed. Record view statistics reporting tools are available from the ...

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Configuring Search Terms in Google Analytics

Setting up Search Parameters Search Parameters appear in the URL after executing a search. Google Analytics can use this information to incorporate into its reporting. Unfortunately, each Analytics View only ...

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Google Analytics Dimensions, Dashboards and Segments

Are you looking to replicate some of the dashboards and segments from CIOC Data and Reporting training sessions? The links below will allow you to import various Segments, Dashboards, and configurations into yo...

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